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I'm looking for someone who can draw up some fan art and post it in the forums here. I'd like to see some other peoples persepective on how certain things look. It can be anything from the Takarn Battle Ships to Tanna's hand held rebel weapons. This, in my thought will help with fan fiction!

Happy Editting

Apollo Out.

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Since people have taken an interest in Nash's kill count, maybe someone would want to write Nash's After Action report or even her diary/journal.


I like this idea! We can also create a kill count for the Aurora and the Celestia. ApocNebs, how would like like to head those projects?


Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I really don't have the time for it. I have allot of work stuff that I have complete for the next month or so. I will make mention of it on the forums to see if we can get anyone interested though. 


That works with me, thanks again though and here's to more people joining in the wiki! lol

I really hate the fact that it lets me post stuff as a Wikia contributor.

I have tried to fix that issue by "blocking" those who aren't logged in, but for some reason that's not an option. -.-

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