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As you can probably tell, I have changed the front page layout. If you like it or if you don't like it let me know! I'm always open to suggestions and this isn't a closed minded wiki :)

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Thanks, i'll try to lend a hand as much as I can. Also FYI you has been doing a great job, keep in mind that you can find code monkeys (like me ;) at community wikia in spades, but content is the king and your article contribution and continues updates are the most extensive :)


Anyway I made couple of changes (still need to throw the code into templates to make it more readable) I think its more readable now, though to much forum like feel. Any thoughts?


After looking over the home page, it is most impressive. I will be working 12 hours tonight, So I should be able to throw some content on the site. If you would mind, teaching me some of your tricks, I would be most gracious. 


In you opionion, what do you think about the use of HMTL for a wiki?


I think that as far as the Main Page, Portals or Templates are concerned, we can use whatever we want to make it work, the only "guideline" we should try adhere to is to try to make it readable\understandable, because due to the collaborative nature of wikis it is important for others to be able to pick up the torch.

As for general articles, it is usually unnecessary, wiki markup is quicker/cleaner/better and any "voodoo" should be hidden in easy to use templates to make it easier for anyone to contribute, not just "tech savy" people.

Why, what you had in mind? :)


I have placed some templates on the home page, but I'm not too skilled at creating templates from scratch. As far as the HTML is concerned, I was wondering about placing news feeds ect on the homepage and other things from the actual website. Such as a counter, or 'Ryks Logs' from the main website.



Sure, sound great.


I'll be on most of the night, if you want to jump on the chat to talk about things. 


I've updated a couple of things.

  • Took the Wiki Activity off the font page. IMHO it looks a little cleaner like this.
  • Updated somethings on the timeline. Added the Apollo 11 landing of 1969 as the start of the space age :p
  • Updated things on Earth

Thinking about creating a "dev" forum, so we can keep track of things as they progress. Thoughts?


So I just found out that we can create CSS for the wiki. Which is outstanding. I'm going to start a css bank and see how it grows. 

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