The Rings of Haven
AuthorRyk Brown
PublishedDec 23, 2013
Media typePaperback, Kindle, Audiobook
Preceded byAurora CV-01
Followed byThe Legend of Corinair

The Rings of Haven is a novel, the 2nd episode in The Frontiers Saga, written by Ryk Brown. Published on Dec 23, 2013.


A ship stranded halfway across the galaxy…
A difficult and lengthy journey home…
A homeworld in urgent need of their return…
And now they are running out of food…

The crew of the Aurora must now trust their new allies in order to survive. But their situation may be far more serious than they imagined, and their actions could have repercussions across the galaxy. Their journey home may just have gotten slightly more complicated.

“The Rings of Haven” is a 60,000 word novel, and is the 2nd episode in The Frontiers Saga.


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The Rings of Haven picks up where previous episode left off. The crew of the Aurora CV-01 is stranded halfway across the galaxy in the Pentaurus Cluster. The ship is badly damaged and much of the senior staff was killed, leaving a handful of raw recruits in command, with orders to get the Jump Drive back to Earth, where it is badly needed in the fight against the Jung Dynasty menace.

The ship is desperate need of repairs and supplies, captain Nathan Scott set course for Haven, where Jalea ..

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