The Jasper was a Earth cargo starship.


Launched from the Alpha Centauri shipyards in 2257. She was designed to run cargo between Alpha Centauri and Earth. She was registered to one of the old Earth interstellar shipping companies, servicing on the Earth-Centauri run for sixty-eight years until she was decommissioned.

Jasper's flight logs indicates, that in 2370 she was acquired by Alan Dubnyk, a rogue operator, who used it to smuggle stuff and run contraband out to the fringe worlds. In 2454, Alan took on an unsanctioned colony mission. The ship picked five hundred and eight refugees, with all the equipment and supplies they needed to start a new colony, from Mu Herculis, a fringe system. Its destination was 'BD+25 3252'.

It was discover by Aurora in .....


The Jasper was designed as a container ship. Equipped with fusion reactor. Top speed of two point five light. Crew of eight and probably using suspended animation systems for long journeys.

The ship long and slender design, with three main sections located at her bow, midship, and stern, each section connected by long trusswork. Cargo containers were docked along the ship exterior in rows along all four sides of the trusses, both fore and aft of the midship section.