Jonathon Percival the sole survivor from the cargo ship Jasper. Edit

He went in 2454, some 1000 years ago, around the time of the bio digital plague to a interstellar travel with the cargo ship Jasper which reach then the orbit of BD+25 3252. He was there a member of an unsanctioned colony mission departed from Mu Herculis.

He inhabitated one of the tree last functioning stasis tanks aboard the Jasper as the Aurora arrived. Only he survives, probably because his stasis tank model was better equipped. He had severe health issues after his re-awaken because the stasis technology was not intended to last persons more than several years and not over 1000 years.

He was the benefecator of the colony mission of the Jasper. He was suffering of a degenerative muscular disorder called Minnian's desease which was at this time incurable. So due to his illness he wasn't granted to partake on a regular colonization mission.

So he finance the Jaspers mission and he planed to stay as long as possible in stasis until a cure for his disease was found, therfore he had a good equipped stasis tank where his stasis should last for several hundred years without aid from humans and thus was the reason that he survived so long in stasis.