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Yamaro is a warship. Currently in the possession of ?

The warship Yamaro was part of Ta’Akar force in.. , under the command of Sir Augustine de Winter. The ship was used in the orbital bombardment of Corinair in the attempt to force Aurora to surrender, as well as executing a pre-written target list of Corinair strategic targets provided by the planetary Anti-Insurgency command.

In the battle that ensued Yamaro was heavily damaged and her crew led by Ensign Willard mutinied and was taken over by Aurora forces...

The Yamaro's transponder was later used by the Aurora to masquerading as the Yamaro on mission in..


The Yamaro is a heavy cruiser of older Takaran design. She operates several squadrons of short-range attack fighters. She is armed with long-range missiles and short-range energy weapons, of which she has many. But her biggest strength is her shielding. She can project a shield barrier bubble at least two kilometers in all directions. She normally does this to allow maneuvering room for her fighters as they are launched and recovered. (Newer designs comes include command FTL lifeboats)

The Yamaro was equipped with Fabricators.